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Ardell False Eyelashes Knot-Free Individuals Short Black, 6-Pack (contains 6 packs of lash trays with 56 Individual Lashes each)

Ardell False Eyelashes Knot-Free Individuals Short Black, 6-Pack (contains 6 packs of lash trays with 56 Individual Lashes each)

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Brand: Ardell

Color: Black


  • SHORT LENGTH FALSIES FOR A SWEET LASH LOOK: Ardell Knot-Free Individuals Short Black exhibits delicate, natural curls that add length and volume on your natural lashes, giving a little extra thickness and length without being obvious. This design gives your eyes a wider and brighter appearance, making it a perfect addition for a soft, romantic makeup look. Before your next trip, make sure to grab your own Ardell lash extensions and be effortlessly glamorous anywhere you go!
  • INNOCENT LOOKING FAKE LASH EXTENSIONS: These easy to use individual lower lashes provide just the right amount of volume to brighten your eyes. The Ardell Knot-Free Individuals Short Black will give you that innocent eyes that you can wear every day for a simple and pretty look. They are becoming more popular with falsies fanatics loving the less dramatic finish they can achieve – while still having the volume and length they love!
  • CUSTOM UNIQUE LASH LOOK FOR ALL OCCASIONS: A holiday party, or any party for that matter, is a great excuse to go on a customized glam look with the Ardell Knot-Free Individuals Short Black! These faux lashes have a perfect blend of luscious length and volume - the ultimate go-to pair for any exciting event! Whether it’s belting songs out loud along with your favorite band or whiling hours away at a theme park, these falsies will make you stand out in the dozens of selfies!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, BLENDS SEAMLESSLY: Ardell Knot-Free Individuals Short Black are specially designed to look natural and kind to your eyes. They blend seamlessly into your eyelashes, without the hassle of layering multiple sets. These faux eyelashes are natural-looking, yet feel lightweight that can pass as your own. Emphasize and add depth to your eyes with these fake eyelashes!
  • TRUSTED BY THE PROS: These individual blinkers have taken a makeup artist favorite and lash wearer trick, custom stacking, and done the work for the wearer. It is reworked to provide the ultimate professional look for the eye-opening and soft effect you long for! These falsies will bring out and emphasizes the lash line, that you will instantly fall in love with these lash extensions!

model number: 60079

Part Number: 60079


Ardell False Eyelashes Knot-Free Individuals Short Black, 1 pack (6 pairs per pack)

Long-Lasting Lash Extensions

These lash extensions from Ardell are waterproof, they're going to stay on the natural lash pretty snugly during showers and when you are washing them! A short period of water exposure is not going to damage the fake eyelashes, you should even gently wash them daily after use! This is one of the reasons why Ardell is the most loved false lash extensions among professional lash stylists and regular users everywhere!

Be Camera-Ready With These Falsies

On occasions when photos will be taken here and there, you can't afford to look less than fabulous. While the makeup you've applied, as well as the lipstick you put on earlier,  starts to fade, you will not have to change your look from time to time with the Ardell Knot-Free Individuals Short Black! These faux lash individuals will instantly add volume to your eyes but still looks natural. 

Lightweight Falsies For All Occasions

Ardell Knot-Free Individuals Short Black will feel oh-so-comfortable and look perfectly voluminous. Comfortable to wear and lightweight, these beautiful blinkers have an intense volume for understated definition. These falsies will draw attention to your eyes with extra fullness, suit every occasion to always get you party ready!

Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches

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