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Ardell Mega Volume Lash 250 Multi-Layered False Lashes with Curl Technology, 4 pairs

Ardell Mega Volume Lash 250 Multi-Layered False Lashes with Curl Technology, 4 pairs

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Brand: Ardell

Color: Black


  • GLAM READY, MEGA VOLUME FAKE LASH: Ardell Mega Volume Lash 250 offers Neverflat Multi-layered lashes with tapered tips that seamlessly blend with your natural eyelashes for an enhanced 3D effect. These fluffy handcrafted falsies have tightly bundle lash to add a touch wanderlust with attitude to your eyes. Layered with multi-dimensional feathery ends for full volume and maximum lash attention!
  • ROUNDED LASH STYLE STRIPLASH: Mega Volume Lash 250 by Ardell has rounded lash style which is elongated in the center with shorter inner and outer corners. Its long length and heavy volume will surely give your eyes that widening and brightening effect. While the crisscrossed style gives your existing eyelashes a more natural lash appearance and to emphasize the intensity of your eyes.
  • NEVERFLAT TECHNOLOGY FOR VOLUMINOUS EFFECT: Multi-layered, extreme curl, 3D effect - these falsies have it all to achieve that ultra glam look! NeverFlat Curl Technology provides multi-layered lashes with tapered tips that blend naturally with your lashes for an enhanced 3D effect. Multi-dimensional lashes that offer maximum lash attraction! Mega Volume Lash 250 uses a new volumizing full lash style to give you the wham-and-bam glam!
  • ONLY THE HIGHEST-QUALITY FALSE LASHES FOR YOU: Ardell Lashes Mega Volume 250 is made of 100 percent human hair and is knotted by hand to achieve that natural, professional, and high-quality finish. The best value for money you can get from four pairs of heavy volume fake lashes! Also, all of Ardell lashes are 100% cruelty-free so you can use them without worrying about animals being harmed for your falsies!
  • REUSABLE, EASY APPLICATION: Easy and uncomplicated application that speaks volume! Ardell Lashes Mega Volume 250 gives your eyes the perfect silhouette to have that captivating, elegant look. Perfect for all occasions, whether you’re attending a meeting, a night out, or a party! Totally reusable and can last for a long time. Remove glue from the band and clean delicately.

model number: 65270

Part Number: 65270


Ardell False Eyelashes Mega Volume Lash 250 (4 Pack)

Maximum Lash Attraction

Multi-dimensional lashes that offer a new volumizing lash style, giving a striking 3D effect perfectly blended with your natural lashes. Bright, wide-eyed look that gives that alluring aura, perfect for those days when you’re feeling flashy and elegant. No matter your eye shape, these falsies will definitely give you that striking persona you’re trying to achieve.

Lush Lash In Any Occasions

Our Mega Volume Lashes offer multi-layered lashes with tapered tips that blend naturally with your lashes for truly lavish multi-dimensional results. Use on special events or even on a regular day, these Ardell Mega Volume Lashes power up your eye look so you’ll have a full volume rounded silhouette. Alluring mega volume look you’ll love to wear when you’re feeling that extra volume and glam can save the day!

Be An Instagrammable Babe

Create your next captivating look and post a glamorous inspo look for the amateurs! These 2 packs of Ardell Mega Volume 250 breathe life to your eyes and complement whatever makeup style you’re wearing. A good value for your money that lasts for a long time. Be assured that your falsies will stay on all day, all night in whatever situation you’re facing and whatever weather you’re in! For a firmer finish, make sure to trim so they fit your eye length and curl your falsies and natural lashes together.

Package Dimensions: 4.1 x 3.0 x 1.9 inches

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