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Ardell Mega Volume Lash 257 Multi-Layered False Lashes with Curl Technology, 4 pairs

Ardell Mega Volume Lash 257 Multi-Layered False Lashes with Curl Technology, 4 pairs

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Brand: Ardell

Color: Black


  • INTENSE VOLUME FOR A DRAMATIC STATEMENT: These fluffy handcrafted falsies from Ardell has tightly bundle lash to add a touch of mega volume with attitude to your eyes. They are layered with feathery ends for full volume and maximum lash attention! These alluring Mega Volume 257 strip lashes feature the iconic full-intensity look you love, that will turn heads wherever you go - that's for sure!
  • STRIP LASHES YOU CAN WEAR ALL DAY ALL NIGHT: Meant to last all day and night, Ardell's Mega Volume Lash 257 will not budge no matter what situation you're in. Ardell's Invisiband will not only hide your lash band, but it's also designed to hold your lashes for long periods of time. Pair it with Ardell's Fake Lash Adhesive to make your falsies stay in place until you're ready to take them off and call it a day!
  • CLEAR LASH BAND, SEAMLESS WEAR: These falsies from Ardell come with an invisible band that will make the lashes look a little more natural and effortless. Mistakes in alignment when using clear bands aren't very noticeable, and so are usually recommended to newbies in the false lash game, while plenty of seasoned lash wearers prefer clear bands over black ones! These are nearly undetectable and are great at replacing mascara. So get out there, hon, and lash it up!
  • INSTANT EYELASH DEFINITION AND VOLUME: Ideal for eye shapes, these faux mink blinkers are crafted for beautifully bold fullness that will boost your eyelashes and are perfect if you've got a hot date or you're getting glammed up for a night out with the girls, you will be sure you're putting your best face forward with these falsies on! Get irresistibly beautiful eyes with Ardell Mega Volume 257 strip lashes!
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL EYE SHAPES: Ardell Mega Volume 257 strip lashes will accentuate all eye shapes beautifully. The construction of these faux eyelashes makes it easier to shape around the wearer’s eye, and the strip and band aren’t stiff as well. Each lash strip is made by hand to achieve the highest quality, for comfortable wear. Certain to compliment a wide variety of styles and the perfect gift for any makeup lovers, these falsies provide both style and convenience!

model number: 72262

Part Number: 72262


Ardell Mega Volume Lash 257, 4 Pack

Budget-Friendly Fake Eyelashes

Be bold effortlessly! Best value for money you can get from this Ardell® Mega Volume 257 strip lashes! A cult-favorite, these falsies are very handy and ideal for going out, attracting attention, special events and are your best friends. They will always be available when you have these four pairs around and be extremely attractive all day and night without spending a lot of money. Never let the lash shortage stop your party again!

Amped-Up Bold Falsies For All Occasions

Pump up lash volume and thickness with the Ardell® Mega Volume 257 strip lashes! These gorgeous faux lashes are the perfect accessory for a bold and sparkling lash style that adds a stunning twist to natural eyelashes. They will instantly make your eyes appear bigger and help you dress up looks for any occasion. Full and fluffy whilst offering length! Complete your everyday makeup with these beauties!

Trusted Faux Lash Brand Just For You

Ardell® has been providing fabulous faux eyelashes and quality beauty products to consumers and beauty professionals around the world. Preferred by makeup artists, Ardell® has become a favorite among lash wearers who want to bring out their natural beauty. Offering a wide selection of lash styles to fit anyone's personality. From strips to accents to individuals, we have you covered so you will look and feel your most beautiful every day!

Package Dimensions: 4.2 x 3.1 x 1.9 inches

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