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GiGi Azulene Hair Removal Wax, Whole Body Soft Wax, Soothes and Conditions, Normal Skin, 13 oz. 1-pack

GiGi Azulene Hair Removal Wax, Whole Body Soft Wax, Soothes and Conditions, Normal Skin, 13 oz. 1-pack

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Brand: GiGi

Color: Azulene


  • REMOVE UNWANTED HAIR EVEN ON SENSITIVE SKIN: Infused with azulene oil to soothe sensitive skin. This GiGi Azulene Wax is designed to remove unwanted hair of any skin types and successfully seeps into hair follicles to gently pull out the roots. Perfect for the removal of medium to coarse hair, this balanced, gentle aromatic blend is pleasing to the senses and is designed to soothe and condition the skin during the hair removal process.
  • ECONOMICAL WITH LONGER LASTING RESULTS: If you want to get rid of problematic hair, you don’t have to spend on expensive methods just to have satin smooth skin! Have a hairless skin GiGi Azulene Wax. No need to break the bank or spend more time going to and from the salon. If you want excellent hair-free and long-standing results, this is the perfect solution for you.
  • REMOVES HAIR FROM SENSITIVE AREAS: This specially formulated wax is also ideal for sensitive and bikini areas and can get rid of unwanted stubborn hair down to the roots. GiGi Azulene Wax is designed for a thorough waxing, yet it is gentle enough to use on sensitive and delicate areas. Perfect to get rid of unwanted hair on any parts of your body too, whether it’s on your face, arms, legs, or back.
  • SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS: Have a fast and efficient approach to hair removal! Even if you’re new to the hair waxing game, this GiGi Azulene wax accommodates a complete novice because it’s convenient and easy-to-use. A bit of practice goes a long way and you’ll master a hair removal technique that’s right for you. You won’t have to go to a waxing professional when you can do it in the comfort of your home! A good value for your money that saves you a trip to the salon.
  • CRUELTY-FREE AND PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: The GiGi Azulene Wax has not been tested on animals and products are manufactured in the USA.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Release Date: 13-11-2019

model number: 345

Part Number: GG345


Experience Less Discomfort With Azulene

Get rid of stubborn unwanted hair and have a refreshingly pleasant skin that is soft to the touch. Achieve smooth and hairless skin without worrying about the discomfort that always comes along with waxing.

Who needs to shave when you can wax instead? Hair regrowth can visibly appear in just three days and it can be a bother to remove your hair frequently. With GiGi Azulene Wax, you can confidently show your flawless skin even after a couple of weeks. It’s also specially formulated to lessen discomfort when waxing, making it the right type of product for those with sensitive skin. Apply on any area of your body and remove unwanted hair to achieve an immaculate finish.

Say No To Prickly Skin

Flawless skin will always be a fad and that’s a fact! You don’t need to go to a high-end waxing salon when you can get the same quality with GiGi Azulene Wax. This wax efficiently removes unappealing hair on any parts of the body all from the comfort of your own home. An excellent fix which offers a hairless silky smooth result that lasts for weeks!

A Comfortable Waxing Experience You Deserve

No need to lament over painful waxes and poor patchy results. This wax offers a more gentle approach to waxing you’ve never experienced before! GiGi Azulene Wax is formulated with soothing Azulene Oil, renowned for its skin calming properties. It is a soft wax that is designed to soothe and condition the skin during the hair removal process. The oil is noted for its sweet, gentle aroma and blue color which creates a pleasing, experience that will put clients at ease.

EAN: 0801873491793

Package Dimensions: 4.1 x 4.0 x 2.6 inches

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