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Hair loss Placenta Placo for hair intensive treatment [12 vials 0,35 oz]

Hair loss Placenta Placo for hair intensive treatment [12 vials 0,35 oz]

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Brand: Placenta Placo

Color: PLACO


  • Placenta Placo Hair Lotions with Panthenol and Placenta extract
  • The active principle of placental extract carries out a revitalizing action which helps stimulating the skin trophism
  • The quatemary salts, cationic conditioners, combined in sinergy with the active substance (placenta) grant the hair natural softness, flexibility and easy combing already after the first application
  • The Placenta Placo hair lotion represents a very good treatment for fragile and weak hair, as well as hair which tends to break and fall out
  • Made in Italy. Volume: 12 vials 10ml each

model number: 8008423400027

Part Number: 8008423400027

Details: Placenta Extract - A functional principle based on a rejuvenating, effect that helps stimulate the natural functions of the scalp. Placenta extract helps stimulate hair roots, thanks to the composition of active substances, such as provitamin B5, nettle and collagen, restore the biochemical balance of the skin and tissues. With Placenta PLACO, hair loss can be prevented and, in particular, it is designed for brittle, damaged and brittle hair. With its intense, deep effect, it will give hair vitality, making it shiny and voluminous.

EAN: 0749965030195

Package Dimensions: 10.5 x 5.2 x 1.9 inches

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