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Pond's Dry Skin Cream The Caring Classic 10.1 oz (Pack of 4)

Pond's Dry Skin Cream The Caring Classic 10.1 oz (Pack of 4)

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Brand: Pond's

Part Number: PPAX1167450

Details: Pond’s Crema S Nourishing Moisturizing Cream is a face cream that is formulated with a blend of botanical extracts and nutrients, resulting in soft, healthy-looking skin. Crema S is specifically designed for dry to very dry skin, nourishing skin for up to 24 hours. This face lotion is formulated with essential ingredients including: Apple extract-known for its skin nourishing properties. Grapefruit Extract & Seaweed extract. To help prevent very dry skin, use this cream daily, for long lasting moisturization. This daily moisturizer formulated with botanical extracts and nutrients, will help leave skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and looking fresh all day long. Nourish skin with deep moisturization. With so many different options in the market for skin care products, it is hard to determine what product is best for you. The first step is identifying what type of skin or skin need you have: dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, dark spots, or aging. Then understanding what product has the right formulation and ingredients for your skin type and need. Remember the best products for your skin may change overtime, so pay attention to what your skin needs at different times. This will ensure that you are using the best product to deliver visible results that can help you feel more confident by helping you achieve radiant and glowing skin.

EAN: 0305211793049

Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 8.9 x 3.3 inches

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