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Victoria's Secret Bare Vanilla Mist & Lotion Set

Victoria's Secret Bare Vanilla Mist & Lotion Set

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Brand: Victoria's Secret


  • Victoria's Secret gift sets are the perfect way to experience our luxurious fragrances. From our concentrated and pure perfumes to our refreshing body mists, our gift sets offer a variety of scents that are sure to please any fragrance lover.
  • The sweet and creamy Whipped Vanilla is perfectly balanced with the soft and comforting Cashmere, creating a scent that is both indulgent and soothing. Ideal for a relaxing day at home or a casual outing, our fragrance will leave you feeling cozy and content, with its comforting and inviting aroma.
  • This fragrance creates a warm and comforting feeling, perfect for relaxing and unwinding.
  • Victoria’s Secret products make a perfect gift for any special occasion
  • The Victoria's Secret Bare Vanilla collection is a warm and inviting scent that is both soft and sensual, perfect for everyday wear.

Part Number: M9T-CB20

EAN: 0667557837765

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.7 x 2.2 inches

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